Marco Polin. PI marco

Office P.552, Physics Bld. || Ph: +44(0)24 761 50966 ||  email me || CV

I graduated in Physics back in 1999 (!) at the University of Padova (Italy), with a specialisation on theoretical high energy particle physics. I then joined New York University for my Ph.D. (2001-2007), which was in David Grier‘s group at CSMR, working on colloidal interactions measured with holographic optical tweezers (experimental!). In 2007 I started working with Raymond Goldstein at DAMTP, Cambridge, on biophysics at the cellular level. I have been lucky enough to be sponsored first by a Marie-Curie Fellowship (2008-2010), then by an EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (2010-2013). I joined the Physics Department in Warwick in September 2013. Since February 2016 I am an Associate Member of Warwick Integrative Synthetic Biology Centre.

cmcb-logo_kernedSince December 2016 I am a Group Leader in the Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology at Warwick.

My Researcher ID is H-4202-2011. You can also check my profile on Google Scholar.

img_0308Raphäel Jeanneret. PDRA

Office P.160, Physics Bld. || Ph: +44(0)24 765 23396 || email me

I completed my PhD (2010-2014; specialty Physics of Liquids) at the ESPCI in Paris under the supervision of Prof. Denis Bartolo (now at ENS Lyon). During these years, I worked on the collective dynamics of hydrodynamically coupled particles in microfluidic channels (confined geometries, very low Reynolds number), with a special emphasize on the time-reversibility of such systems.  Before moving to Paris, I studied Physics in Lyon at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS Lyon, 2007-2010), where I obtained my MSc with a specialty on Out of Equilibrium Physics. I joined Marco’s lab in September 2014 as a Postdoctoral Research Associate to work on biophysical problem involving motile microalgae.

Foto Matteo Contino.  Ph.D. Student 

Office MAS 2nd floor || email me

Matteo graduated from the Politecnico di Milano (MSc) with a thesis on colloidal thermophoresis in the lab of Prof. Roberto Piazza. For his Ph.D. he is studying microorganismal motility under strong confinement.


Richard Henshaw.  Ph.D. Student 

Office P.160, Physics Bld. || Ph: +44(0)24 765 23396 || email me

Richard graduated from the University of Warwick (MSc) in 2015. His Ph.D. is focussed on mechanisms of phototaxis in microalgae.


George Parry, M.Sc.-R Student

Office MAS 2nd floor ||  email me

George graduated from the University of Edinburgh (B.Sc.) in 2015. For his M.Sc.-R project, he is looking at S. aureus infection of human tissues reconstituted within a microfluidic device. This project is co-supervised by Meera Unnikrishnan, from Warwick Medical School.

Visiting students

  • Jonathan Roberts, 3rd year UG from Warwick Physics Dept.
  • Simone Coppola, 2nd year UG from Warwick Physics Dept.

Some of the Friends we collaborate with 

Previously in the group…

  • Iago López Grobas, MRC DTP student (on rotation for 3 months from March 27th)
  • Kate Watkins, MRC DTP student (on rotation for 3 months from March 27th)
  • Julia Dölger, DTU Denmark (April & May 2017)
  • Semih Svasal, BSc final year project (Oct 2016).
  • Rory Claydon and Jonathan Benarroch. URSS Students (Summer 2016).
  • George Day and Arun Jaspal, BSc final year project (Oct 2015).
  • Chris Norman and Matthew Painter, MSc final year project in collaboration with Munehiro Asally (Oct 2015).
  • Matthew Lloyd joined  in Summer 2015 on a URSS bursary, working on a project in collaboration with Joseph Cristie-Oleza.

  • Jake Haynes. URSS student (Summer 2015).

  • Richard Henshaw and Dean Walker, MSc final year project (Oct 2014).

  • Joanna Craufurd and Charlotte Macken, BSc final year project (Oct 2014).


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